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Blog / Window Tint, not just about looking cool.

Window Tint, not just about looking cool.


Think window tint is just about looking cool? Uber driver Ricky recently found out firsthand how window tint could improve not only his health and comfort, but also his bottom line.

Ricky, a Boston native, wasn’t prepared for the intense North Carolina sun after moving to Charlotte and taking up Uber driving to earn some extra cash. He thought he was protected inside his car, but as he racked up the miles behind the wheel last summer, he noticed his legs were actually getting sunburned between the bottom edge of his shorts and the shadow of his dash. Not only that, his black Nissan Altima was HOT.

“I’d have the AC cranking to keep it comfortable,” he says, “But I noticed I was getting terrible gas mileage. I finally made the connection between running the air conditioner on full blast and my fuel efficiency taking a huge hit.”

Ricky decided to do some research, and that’s when he found Sun Stoppers.

Through sheer coincidence, Ricky gave an Uber ride to Sun Stoppers owner and founder Mike Burke. While casually chatting to pass the time, Mike happened to mention the name of his company, and Ricky was unreserved with his praise: “Yeah I’ve heard of you; you guys are the best! You do the ceramic windshield tinting that nobody else can do!” As they talked, Mike told him a little more about his options for windshield tinting:

In the past, blocking more heat or damaging UV rays meant putting darker films on the windows. Ok on the sides and back of your car, but not so great for windshields where visibility is most important. With today’s cutting-edge nano-ceramic particle technology though, the top window film companies are manufacturing films that have all the performance, without the dark color being a necessity.

XPEL PRIME XR and PRIME XR PLUS block 99% percent of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays – the ones that were giving Ricky sunburned knees. Those are the same harmful rays that cause many types of skin cancer. What’s more, PRIME XR reduces the sun’s heat and infrared radiation, and PRIME XR PLUS blocks 98%—all without sacrificing clarity, color or visible light transmission, so the film can be used on your windshield for full summer protection.

With that new information, Ricky was sold. He’s now driving around with XPEL PRIME XR premium window film on his windshield, blocking the sun’s harmful rays. He’s running his AC on low; keeping cool and keeping more of his Uber fares in his pocket.

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