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The degree to which a driver can legally tint their car’s windows vary from state to state. To
make it just a little easier for drivers, we’ve got all the laws here in one place.

How Dark can you
tint your windows?

Window tint laws vary state to state, window to window. Click on a state to find out what window tint laws allow in your state.

• Front Sides
• Windshield
• Rear Sides
• Rear Window

Window Tint Laws

View Tint Laws by State


Tinting your windows is one of those awesome car upgrades that can actually make a positive difference not only for your comfort level while driving but can even provide many health benefits like protecting you from the sun’s UV rays and keeping you cool. Window tint is also widely used as a deterrent to potential thieves as it is difficult to see into your car with darker tinted windows.

While window tint offers many benefits, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. One issue is the fact that it may be difficult to see through your windows if your tint is too dark. Check out our window tint pages to preview what a certain percentage tint will look like.

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