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R1T / R1S Factory XPEL PPF Option to be offered at $4500 starting late 2022

Read more at Rivian forum.

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Rivian to offer factory-direct XPEL PPF packages later this year


Rivian has announced it will soon be adding an option to their online ordering process to allow customers to add paint protection film (PPF) to their new electric vehicle. The automaker

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Rivian and XPEL to offer factory direct paint protection film to R1 customers


Rivian chose XPEL, Inc. as an exclusive supplier for its new paint protection film (PPF) factory direct program. “We’re pleased to have this opportunity to bring our proprietary design methodology

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7 Reasons You Need Residential Window Tinting


Nothing lifts your mood like sunshine streaming through a wall of beautiful windows.  After all, research shows that having plenty of natural light in your home or workspace makes you

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Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding Ceramic Coating


There is nothing like the gleam of a pristine, well-made, expertly-maintained car.  A car like this turns heads, elicits murmurs of appreciation, and is, frankly, fun to drive. Your car

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Coatings vs Paint Protection Film

I’ve always looked at ceramic coating as a wax on steroids. It’s not a wax at all – it’s a silica-based product, so it’s technically glass, but it provides many

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Window Film – Does Brand Matter?

Imagine starting a tinting business at age 21, what film would you buy? Probably whatever is cheapest! Eventually though, as you work to set yourself apart from your competitors, you’ll

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Sun Stoppers Wins the XPEL 2022 Dealer of the year Award


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Paint Protection Film (PPF): Everything you need to know [& 5 reasons your car needs it]


Your new vehicle turns heads – its immaculate paint job gleams in the sunlight, the wheels shine, and the finely tuned engine hums.  Sadly, It won’t be that way for

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Bulking vs. Templates

Bulking vs. Templatesby Mike Burke      There’s a widespread industry sentiment that bulking is the “purist” method of doing paint protection film (PPF), while templates are somehow inferior or

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Work-Life Balance

     You hang up the phone after telling a potential customer you’re booked three weeks out and glance at the long list of missed calls you need to return.

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The Sun Stops Here: Mike Burke Finds his Team

Mike Burke’s first car was a 1984 Ford Escort Station Wagon, a four-speed, family-hauler that puffed black smoke at the onset of second gear. The 16-year old creative leaned into

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How to Find and Train a PPF Apprentice

I’ve traveled to many PPF shops around the country and the topic of how to find and train new installers is always up for discussion. At the shop, after hours

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How to Open Your Second Location

Step 1—call Mike Burke. Just kidding, but this is the number one question I’m asked by coaching clients, and the number one issue I’ve assisted business owners with. If you

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The Ultimate Guide To Car Window Tint


What’s the only thing hotter than being outside on a sweltering day? Climbing into a vehicle on the same stifling hot day! In fact, research shows that the temperature inside

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Hiring the Next Generation

          Many veteran tint shop owners struggle to understand the current generation of workers. We wear all the hats and are used to putting in long

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Sun Stoppers Creates T-Shirt Fundraiser For Fellow Tinter

“When a fellow tinter was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and experienced difficulty with medical expenses the window film industry came together to support one of their own.

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Protecting Your Tesla: Everything You Need To Know


The writing is on the wall: humans as a whole are moving towards electric and hybrid cars. In fact, some places like the U.K. have placed bans on new fossil

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Automotive Window Tinting: The Artist vs.The Computer


Artisan’s Perspective On Window Tinting: As an artist, finding your preferred medium can be tricky. Art is not limited to fine arts, painting, sculpting and design; true artistry can come

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10 Years in Window Film


Automotive Window Tint Evolution: The first window film was invented in 1966, however its popularity skyrocketed in the 1980’s, when everyone who was anyone had custom window tint installed on

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