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How to Become a Business Super Power – Ask A Pro – Window Film Magazine


Not everyone wants to be a business super power. Some people are happier finding their low key niche and doing a great job by themselves or with a few employees

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Sun Stoppers Partners With Playtime Edventures To Donate Interactive and Educational Bed Sheets To Camp CARE (Cancer Ain’t Really the End)


It’s the day before Camp CARE’s next week-long summer camp for children who have cancer or who have entered remission. These children will be full of excitement when they discover

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R1T / R1S Factory XPEL PPF Option to be offered at $4500 starting late 2022

Read more at Rivian forum.

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Rivian to offer factory-direct XPEL PPF packages later this year


Rivian has announced it will soon be adding an option to their online ordering process to allow customers to add paint protection film (PPF) to their new electric vehicle. The automaker

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Sun Stoppers Wins the XPEL 2022 Dealer of the year Award


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Hiring the Next Generation

          Many veteran tint shop owners struggle to understand the current generation of workers. We wear all the hats and are used to putting in long

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Sun Stoppers Creates T-Shirt Fundraiser For Fellow Tinter

“When a fellow tinter was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and experienced difficulty with medical expenses the window film industry came together to support one of their own.

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Automotive Window Tinting: The Artist vs.The Computer


Artisan’s Perspective On Window Tinting: As an artist, finding your preferred medium can be tricky. Art is not limited to fine arts, painting, sculpting and design; true artistry can come

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10 Years in Window Film


Automotive Window Tint Evolution: The first window film was invented in 1966, however its popularity skyrocketed in the 1980’s, when everyone who was anyone had custom window tint installed on

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Film Stars: Mike Burke Shares the Challenges He Faced In the Industry


Mike Burke, owner of several Sun Stoppers Window Tinting locations across North Carolina, sheds light on his journey through the industry. His nearly three decades in the window film industry

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Ban on tinted windows would end in Michigan if Snyder signs new bill

23 What do newborns and windshields and bears have in common? Author: Kathleen Gray, Detroit Free Press Published: 2:42 PM EST December 19, 2018 Updated: 6:49 PM EST December 19, 2018 What do

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Cars and Coffee: An Interview with Brian Abdala


Bringing Car Enthusiasts Together: Cars and Coffee is a monthly gathering that aims to bring car enthusiasts together in order to bond over mutual interests. Meet ups are held on the

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An introduction to our Paint Protection Services


Hello, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Mike Burke, and I’m the owner of Sun Stoppers. Most people in Charlotte know Sun Stoppers for our 9 automotive window

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Guinness World Record for Tinting Set


August 1st, 2018 by Emmariah Holcomb originally posted on Thousands of car windows are tinted every day, but have you ever stopped to think about how many windows could be tinted in

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Automotive Window Tinting and Lupus


I answer phones and schedule customer appointments at Sun Stoppers. One day when I was so busy I hadn’t had a chance to sit down a lady in her early

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Window Tint, not just about looking cool.


Think window tint is just about looking cool? Uber driver Ricky recently found out firsthand how window tint could improve not only his health and comfort, but also his bottom

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