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Category: Paint Protection Film

Why You Need Paint Protection Film In Charlotte, NC


If you live in Charlotte, NC, you know what a big deal cars are!  From old, vintage models to cutting-edge race cars, the city loves its vehicles – it wouldn’t

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R1T / R1S Factory XPEL PPF Option to be offered at $4500 starting late 2022

Read more at Rivian forum.

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Rivian to offer factory-direct XPEL PPF packages later this year


Rivian has announced it will soon be adding an option to their online ordering process to allow customers to add paint protection film (PPF) to their new electric vehicle. The automaker

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Rivian and XPEL to offer factory direct paint protection film to R1 customers


Rivian chose XPEL, Inc. as an exclusive supplier for its new paint protection film (PPF) factory direct program. “We’re pleased to have this opportunity to bring our proprietary design methodology

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Coatings vs Paint Protection Film

I’ve always looked at ceramic coating as a wax on steroids. It’s not a wax at all – it’s a silica-based product, so it’s technically glass, but it provides many

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Paint Protection Film (PPF): Everything you need to know [& 5 reasons your car needs it]


Your new vehicle turns heads – its immaculate paint job gleams in the sunlight, the wheels shine, and the finely tuned engine hums.  Sadly, It won’t be that way for

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