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Blog / Why You Need Paint Protection Film In Charlotte, NC

Why You Need Paint Protection Film In Charlotte, NC


If you live in Charlotte, NC, you know what a big deal cars are! 

From old, vintage models to cutting-edge race cars, the city loves its vehicles – it wouldn’t be the same without them.

So chances are, if you live in Charlotte, you want to be proud of your own vehicle. You probably want to give your ride the TLC it needs to carry you places in style. 

That is why Sunstoppers offers paint protection film in Charlotte to keep your paint job looking smooth and shiny. 

Don’t know what PPF is? No worries! 

We are here to tell you all about it.

Let’s get started!


What Is Paint Protection Film?

When you buy a brand-new car, the paint looks shiny and immaculate. However, it doesn’t always stay that way. Before long it starts getting rock chips, scratches, and swirl marks, and it doesn’t look so nice anymore. 

That is where PPF comes in. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about PPF to fill you in on what it is, what it looks like, and how you apply it. 

What is Paint Protection Film?

PPF (or Paint Protection Film) is a clear, lightweight film you can apply over top of your paint to protect it from damage. It’s made from thermoplastic urethane and it’s generally 6-12 millimeters thick. PPF can’t protect your paint from everything, but it protects it from small chips and scratches and helps it stay looking nice for longer.

paint protection film is a lightweight film to protect your car

Self-healing capabilities 

One of the best qualities of PPF is that its chemical composition allows it to self-heal. So if you took a wire brush and scuffed the PPF on your car (not deep enough to cut all the way through and scratch the paint) the PPF  heals itself, provided you didn’t cut the entire way through the film. 

Where do you apply PPF? 

You can apply PPF to just the front parts of your car, which take the hardest beating, or you can apply it to every painted surface on your car, giving it full protection. 

How does PPF look? 

Most PPF is designed to be invisible. It’s completely clear and designed to not change the look of your vehicle when installed properly. 

However, you can also get matte PPF that gives your car a sleek matte finish when it is applied. 

Can you apply PPF yourself? 

It’s technically possible to apply PPF to your vehicle yourself. However, we don’t recommend it. This is your car we’re talking about, and if you make a mistake, it can hurt your car’s aesthetics! And it’s not easy to do a quality PPF job. 

If you do it yourself, you will have to buy big sheets of PPF, cut out shapes, and piece them together to cover your car. The pros have technology that can cut out shapes specifically tailored to your car model to provide a completely seamless application. 

We highly recommend getting a pro to apply PPF for you so you are sure to get a good application. 

hire a paint protection film professional

4 Benefits of Paint Protection Film

We think PPF is a great choice for every high-end car. Here are a few of the reasons why PPF is a good idea: 

  • Helps stop exterior damage 

Your paint job serves more purposes than just making your car look awesome. It also acts as a barrier that helps protect your car from damage. 

Every time the paint is chipped or punctured, it results in a break in that protective barrier, creating an area where rust or other damage could set in. 

That is why it’s important to protect your car’s protection!  

  • Boosts vehicle aesthetics 

Everyone wants their car to look good! Whether you prefer a clear or matte finish, PPF makes your vehicle look awesome. A matte finish gives your car a sleek, sophisticated look; while a clear finish provides a glossy shine. 

And both help to keep your paint looking smooth and seamless, without scratches or dings. If you want more information on how to boost your vehicle’s aesthetics, you can read our blog on ceramic coatings vs. paint protection films. 

  • Saves money on expensive repairs 

If you have never had to repaint a vehicle, you are fortunate! Repainting can be really expensive. Even just repairing a section can get pricey. 

That is another good reason to protect your paint right off the bat so you don’t end up having to do a lot of expensive repairs later. 

  • Maintains resale value 

And finally, if you ever plan to sell your car you will want to keep it in good condition so you can get a good resale value for it. Nobody wants to buy a car covered in scratches and flaws! 

Plus, savvy buyers will see the value of the investment of PPF and may be willing to pay more for a car with PPF already installed.

Benefits of paint protection film

Why Do You Need Paint Protection Film In Charlotte, NC?

Have you ever experienced the thrill of watching a powerful race car hurtle around a track? For some the speed is mesmerizing. For others, it might be inspiring, or exciting. 

Or have you ever had one of those moments when you are driving down the highway and spot an old, vintage car? There is something about it that makes you smile. Maybe it’s nostalgia, or maybe it’s just the fun of seeing a car so unique. Or maybe it’s the thought of all the time and love someone spent restoring and caring for that old car. 

Either way, cars can be more than just a means of transportation. They can be a hobby, a living, someone’s pride and joy, or part of a culture. 

For car fanatics living in Charlotte, it could be all of the above. 

Why do Charlotteans love their cars so much

Well, it goes way back to the early 1900s, when auto racing in North Carolina first popped up. The red clay in the Charlotte area made a naturally good racing surface, which led to the growth of the sport. In 1949 the Charlotte Speedway hosted the first-ever professional stock car race, and ten years later the Charlotte Motor Speedway was built. 

As stock car racing morphed and developed over the years Charlotte played its part. It seems that the best racing teams, drivers, and technology have often come from Charlotte. The city still plays its part today. 

Today, the Charlotte Motor Speedway is considered the NASCAR home track. Charlotte is also home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and racing is the state’s official sport. 

It’s not just race cars either. North Carolinians love old, vintage cars too. Every year people from near and far flock to car shows to enjoy great cars and the great people that preserve them for all to see. 

Anyway, with all the car heritage passed down over the years, it’s no wonder that cars are a big deal in Charlotte! 

If you are a part of the car culture in Charlotte, you want to protect your pride and joy the best you can. If so, give us a call about PPF for your vehicle today. 


If you live in the greater Charlotte area and care about your vehicle, consider investing in PPF to protect your paint job. 

Contact us here at Sun Stoppers today to start the conversation about your vehicle. 

Sunstoppers offers services other than PPF as well. These include: 

Contact us today to learn more! 

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