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Sun Stoppers North Canton #35

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North Canton, OH 44720
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Are you tired of

  • Hot room and car interiors
  • Painful sunlight glare
  • High A/C bills
  • Your car’s interior fading
  • Fading furniture and decor
  • Worrying who can see in your windows

There’s an easy solution. Tinting your car or building windows increases comfort, lowers bills, and blocks damaging UV rays.

How Does Window Tinting Improve Your Life?

  • Reduce Solar Heat

    Create a more comfortable space and increase cooling efficiency by blocking solar heat.

  • Prevent Sun Glare

    Window tint film can reduce annoying glare whether you are driving or looking at tvs and monitors.

  • Block harmful UV RAYs

    Create a more comfortable space and increase cooling efficiency by blocking solar heat.

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Car Window Tinting in North Canton, OH

A common question we get is why we use XPEL window tint products.  Watch this short video of Amir Khoshnevis, a Doctor of Optometry, and why he recommends XPEL tinting.

  • The danger of UV rays to the skin and eyes
  • A safe environment for your home and vehicle
  • How XPEL tinting helps protect you and your loved ones in a car or building

Enjoy Fast, Hassle Free Installation

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We’ll go over the options to help you choose the best window film and make sure you get a competitive quote.

Fast, Professional Installation

Getting your window film installed is hassle-free and painless because our professional technicians handle everything for you.

Enjoy a More Comfortable Space

After installation, you can sit back and enjoy life with better privacy and a cooler, more comfortable space.


Your window film is only as good as its application. Film must be applied without ripples or bubbles to ensure the product’s efficiency and longevity. Our window tinting experts have over 20 years of experience so you can be confident we’ll do it right the first time.

  • Window Tinting Experts with 20+ years of experience
  • We handle everything from start to finish
  • Professional service
  • Competitive pricing
  • We’re known for our timely installations

Whether it’s a 20-year-old window, a new office building, one door, or a three-million-dollar yacht, we bring prompt and professional service to every job.

We break down our estimates by each piece of glass and give you one “Exact Price” quote, based on the square footage. You can trust the competitive price we give you, and our quote won’t change.

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Sun Stoppers North Canton #35

7364 Whipple Ave NW
North Canton, OH 44720
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Welcome to Sun Stoppers in North Canton, OH

Sun Stoppers North Canton will accommodate your busy schedule while providing you with our professional automotive tint, paint protection film and ceramic coating in addition to residential and commercial window tinting as well as binds and roller shades services. Stop by today and ask for Greg!

Store Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9AM–5PM
Saturday: Appointment Only
Sunday: Closed

Have Questions? Call or Email us at

(330) 999-0233

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What areas do you serve?

What services do you offer?

When can I wash my car after a car after they are tinted?

Should I wait for a certain number of hours before rolling my window down?

Can I remove my own car window tint?

Is it normal to have bubbles in my window tint after the tint has been installed?

What darkness percentage is a typical factory Window Tint?

What’s the best way to clean tinted car windows?

What is the darkest legal tint for cars in the Ohio area?

What other areas does Sun Stoppers service in the Midwest US?

We look forward to providing you with outstanding window tinting services in the North Canton, OH area.


The highly experienced staff at Sun Stoppers Ohio makes customer service their number one priority. The shop has a comfortable waiting area that’s equipped with a TV and a high-speed internet connection. To ensure the safety of all clients, the shop is also in compliance with the latest COVID-19 health protocols.

Greg Rankin

Greg’s experience is the key factor in providing customers with quality products and services. He has been in the car window tinting industry since 1989 giving him an advantage over most car window tinting providers as he has spent many years working on various car models and makes. 


Greg started as a contractor for multiple car tinting shops when he was in high school and spent many years perfecting the art. In 2004 he began managing the Sun Stopper’s Ohio location, turning over 8 to 15 cars a day for window tinting. 

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