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Auto graphics & wraps

Customized & Personalized

Auto graphics & wraps

Customized & Personalized

Sun Stoppers and Southend Graphics strive to be Charlotte’s leader in creative, customized, and high-end vehicle wraps, graphic packages as well as automotive graphic accents.

We provide each and every customer with high quality designs, installation and customer service is our top priority. Maybe you’re wanting to market for your business by having your vehicle wrapped with your companies branding, or you want a fully customized look that will have your car, truck or van turning heads as you ride through the city. Sun Stoppers and Southend Graphics have partnered to accommodate all your customized and personalized automotive graphic needs.

Auto Wraps & Graphics We Offer in Charlotte, NC, and other service locations:

  • Headlight Tinting
  • Taillight Tinting
  • Blackout Your Roof and Hood
  • Accent Trim and Dash Components
  • Create a Customized and Personalized Aesthetic
  • Market for Your Company
  • Full Vehicle Wrapping
  • All Colors Available

Vehicle graphic wrap options


Full custom vehicle wraps are the best way to inexpensively market for your established or growing business. Optimal branding and marketing is everything for business,. Let people know who you are everywhere you go!


Adding a touch of finesse to your ride is easily done with customizable and personalized accent graphics that display your one of a kind style. Get creative and show everyone who you are!


ToughGuard’s proven Nanoscience technology allows you to preserve that show room shine that is so important. Protect your investment by having your vehicle completed with a professional ToughGuard coating.


Having your headlights and taillights tinted or customized with graphics adds a pop to the look and feel of your vehicle. Stand out in the crowd without affecting your visibility or functionality of your vehicles lights.


See how window tinting, ceramic coating, or paint protection could look on the front, sides, and back of your vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wraps & Graphics For Cars

How long does an auto wrap last?

Factors line sun exposure and climate can affect the longevity of your auto wrap, but under normal conditions, it should last 5-7 years.

Are car graphics stickers?

Pretty much, yes. They are printed onto or cut out of self-adhesive vinyl and then placed on your vehicle.

Can I remove auto graphics after they are applied?

Yes – though it’s not easy to do without damaging the paint. It’s best to take your vehicle to a professional to get the job done or thoroughly research the project before beginning. Wraps that are on your vehicle for more than 3 years are bonded more tightly and more difficult to remove.

Can a wrapped car go through a carwash?

Yes. For best results, we recommend touchless systems and advise against the use of pressure washers. However, the best cleaning method is to wash the vehicle by hand using a non-abrasive cleaner and soft rag.

Does car wrap increase the lifespan of my vehicle?

A car wrap can protect the paint and finish of a vehicle, and therefore increase the lifespan and resale value.

Does wrapping a car hurt the paint?

No. A properly applied vehicle wrap should not damage factory paint.

Does car wrap fade?

No. High-quality wraps keep their color for the entire life of the wrap.

Do you design car graphics?

Yes, we have companies we work with to create designs for you if desired.

How does your free graphics estimate work?

It’s just what it sounds like! Call, text, or e-mail us for a free quote – whichever works best for you!

How long will it take for you to wrap my vehicle?

This depends a bit on how much you want to be done on your vehicle. An entire vehicle wrap usually takes around a week.

Graphics and Wraps For Your Vehicle

Do you have a great business, but aren’t sure how to spread the word about the services you offer? Or perhaps you are tired and frustrated with flying under the…


Do you have a great business, but aren’t sure how to spread the word about the services you offer? Or perhaps you are tired and frustrated with flying under the radar, and you want your car to showcase your unique style.

It’s time to equip your vehicle with a custom auto wrap. You can inexpensively market for your business everywhere you go. And if you don’t own a business, you can still turn heads with your unique style!

People have been applying bumper stickers to their vehicles for years.


Because it’s an easy way to make a statement about who you are, what you care about, and what you’ve done.

It’s a universal human truth –  we all want to be known and recognized. Whether it’s our business or our personal style, we want to stand out – we want people to see us for who we really are!

At Sun Stoppers we want to help you do that!

That’s why we provide the best auto graphics and wraps available in the Charlotte, NC, area, as well as our many other service areas.  As we increase our locations, we are excited to see our U.S. service area grow as well!

Since 1994, our goal has always been to be a business that provides high-quality materials, knowledgeable customer service, and superior workmanship

The result?

Hundreds of customers delighted to market their business and show off their style with customized car wraps and accents.

We hope you can be our next happy customer! Whether it’s a custom car graphic or auto wrap, we want you to have the peace of mind that the products and services you receive are the best available.

And when it comes to custom details for your car we do more than just vehicle wraps and graphics. We also offer the following for your car in Charlotte or our other service areas:

  • Headlight Tinting
  • Taillight Tinting
  • Blackout Your Roof and Hood
  • Accent Trim and Dash Components
  • All colors available!

No matter what your vehicle detailing needs are, the team at Sun Stoppers can help you!

Get a quote today or view our Store Locator to see what is possible in your area.  We look forward to working with you so you can represent yourself with your vehicle.

You can also view the other window tinting services we offer at Sun Stoppers:

No matter what your needs are, the Sun Stoppers team is here to help!

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