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  • Rooms that are too hot?
  • Blinding sun glare?
  • High cooling bills?
  • Fading furniture and decor?
  • Worried about who’s looking into your home?


Offering a wide array of solar and security film solutions to suit any need, VISION Home Window Film is designed to help reduce heat, lower energy costs, and help protect your home and family.


  • Enjoy consistent interior temperatures and more
  • Comfortable rooms
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Prevent eyestrain from painful sun glare
  • Stop interior fading
  • Protect valuable belongings
  • Block harmful UV radiation
  • Feel more secure with complete daytime privacy


  • Never fades
  • Doesn’t bubble
  • Won’t peel, crack or change color

3 yrs

Average Length of Payback Time


Reduction In Cooling & Utility Costs


Lower Costs For Film Vs New Window


Solar Heat & UV Rays Repelled

Have you noticed your rooms vary in temperature? This is called temperature imbalance. 70% of this imbalance is from solar energy (sunlight) coming through the windows, and the most cost-effective remedy is window film. This film is applied to the inside of the windows and helps maintain a more consistent interior temperature.

At Sun Stoppers we sell films designed for any type of window manufactured, and 95% of the time the film makes these windows far more energy-efficient than the existing windows or replacement windows. We only offer residential window film with a manufacturer-backed lifetime warranty.

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The Key Benefits of Tinting Your Home's Windows

Lower Energy Costs

Help save on utility bills by lowering your A/C & cooling bill.

UV RAY Protection

Reject over 99% of UV rays which extends the life of artwork, rugs, drapery, and furniture - and it's better for your skin!


Reduced glare from the sun, so you can enjoy natural light without the increased eye strain.


Increases comfort by avoiding hotspots or inconsistent temperatures in your home.


Increased privacy for your family.


The Process is fast and easy. We’ll come to your house in Southlake and take care of everything.
No need to clean any windows or move furniture around.

Request a free estimate

We’ll go over the options to help you choose the best window film for your home in Southlake and give you a competitive quote.

Fast, Professional Installation

Getting your window film installed is hassle-free and painless – our professional technicians handle everything.

Enjoy a More Comfortable Home

After installation, you can sit back and enjoy life with better privacy and cooler, more comfortable rooms.

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Your window film is only as good as its application. Film must be applied without ripples or bubbles to ensure the product’s efficiency and longevity. Our window tinting experts in our Keller store location have over 20 years of experience so you can be confident we’ll do it right the first time.

  • Window Tinting Experts with 20+ years of experience
  • We handle everything from start to finish
  • Professional service
  • Competitive pricing
  • We’re known for our timely installations

We break down our estimates by each piece of glass and give you one “Exact Price” quote, based on the square footage. You can trust the competitive price we give you, and our quote won’t change.

The cost of not having window tint for your house

Without window tint, you may
  • Continue to pay a higher A/C bill until you’ve spent double or triple the cost of tinting
  • Endure sun glare and uncomfortable rooms
  • Eventually lose your investment in flooring, furniture, and artwork exposed to sunlight

You don’t need to make yourself or your family suffer through higher bills, inconsistent temperatures, and increased UV exposure.

Call (817) 826-9117 now and we will help you choose the best window tint film for your Southlake home!



With the exterior reflectivity of this product, heat is blocked and you can relax in privacy and keep comfortable while saving on energy costs.


When you need to block heat and reduce glare without sacrificing your view the neutral series is a perfect choice


Very high exterior reflectivity and a see-through interior view create a one-way mirror look.


Looking to upgrade your home? Get started on your free estimate today!

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Matt S.

“Words can not describe how satisfied I am with this tinting shop. I’ve had tons of cars tinted, and in my experience, this place is the most knowledgable, timely-mannered, and friendly shop you will find in the area. I will continue to take my vehicles here. Very competitive pricing, and many options available. Quality tinters as well. I cant find ANY gripes with their work. Flawless.”

Michael L.

“Excellent staff. Prioritizes waiting customers in a comfortable waiting area. Helps customers choose what percentage of tint by showing what it looks like on personal vehicles. Tint job looks great and was done quickly. Highly recommended.”


“It was such a pleasure working with them! Such a nice team. Had all windows tinted and it looks amazing! Nolan and the entire staff was just amazing to work with! I looked at 2 other places to do all this work and so happy I went here.”

Kristina P.

“This place lives up to their reviews. I got my windows tinted a couple of weeks ago and the whole process was super smooth. They got me in really quick, they guy that helped me was great, my appointment only took about maybe 20 minutes. Will be back.”

Common Questions About Tinting Your Home's Windows

Does the tint go on the inside or outside?

House window tint is applied to the inside of the window.

How long does residential window tinting last in the Texas climate?

This is dependent on a number of factors: The types of materials used, the window that the film is placed on, the orientation of the window, and how much natural shade your home receives. However,  XPEL window film we install is expected to last 20 years+.

Can I tint just a few home windows?

Yes! We’ll even tint only specific portions of larger windows if you don’t want everything tinted.

Can I remove window tinting after it is applied?

Yes, but it’s not as simple as some people think. We encourage you contact us or another professional before tackling the project.

Can I apply my own window tint?

As much as we’d like to install your home’s tint, you can do it yourself. However, we recommend you do thorough research before starting the project since the quality and longevity of the tint depends on the product used and the quality of the installation.

What's the best way to keep my windows clean after installation?

We recommend waiting 2-3 weeks before you touch or clean it. After that, you can clean the windows but make sure to avoid any cleaners that use ammonia. Warm water or gentle cleaners, along with a microfiber cloth or chamois, work great for keeping the windows clean.

Will my neighbors be able to see inside my house at night?

If the lights are on, then yes. Window tint does not provide full privacy at night. If you’re interested in complete nighttime privacy, then consider using shades, window coverings, or one-way mirror film with night vision.

How long will it take for you to tint the windows in my home?

This is dependent upon how many windows you tint in your home. A whole house can take a whole day while a few windows take around an hour. Once you contact us, we typically can give an estimate within a day or two and complete an install within a week.

What other services do you offer in the greater Southlake & Keller regions?

We serve multiple locations throughout the greater Dallas & Forth Worth areas.

Our residential tint service areas include Colleyville, Grapevine, Keller, North Richland Hills, Southlake, and many more! Call us at (817) 826-9117 to see if we service your area.

Services we offer include auto window tinting, paint protection film, ceramic coating, Tesla paint protection, Tesla ceramic coating, commercial window tinting, and much more!

Residential & Home Window Tinting Film in Southlake, TX

If you live in Southlake, TX, you know how damaging the sun can be.  Harsh sunlight can result in painful eye strain, faded furniture or car interiors, and sky-high AC…


If you live in Southlake, TX, you know how damaging the sun can be. 

Harsh sunlight can result in painful eye strain, faded furniture or car interiors, and sky-high AC bills. Not to mention that wave of heat that hits you when you get into your car on a hot day. 

And if you live in Texas, the sun is hard to avoid! 

Thankfully, we have a solution – Sun Stoppers provides high-quality window tint and films for cars, residences, and commercial buildings. Not only do our tint and films provide protection from the sun, but they also provide privacy from prying eyes! 

Give us a call today and start protecting yourself and your belongings from the harsh sun. 

If you live in Southlake, TX, you are familiar with not only the harsh sun but the beauty and attractions surrounding the area: 

  • Marshall Creek Ranch 
  • Southlake Town Square 
  • Dragon Stadium 
  • Bob Jones Nature Center
  • Red Door Escape Room 
  • Widowmaker Trail Rides 
  • Grapevine Lake 
  • Bicentennial Park 

And, of course, all the attractions of nearby Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas. There is plenty to do, see, taste, and experience in this metropolitan area!  

Predominantly located in Tarrant County, the Southlake settlement has been around for quite a while, having been founded in the 1840s. However, it was not officially incorporated as Southlake until 1956. Before then it was simply made up of several settlements.  

Southlake remained fairly rural until the 1970s when the DFW airport was completed nearby. Then, because of its close proximity to the airport, Southlake became a “boom-burb” up through the 2000s. 

Today, the city’s 22.43 square miles of land is home to over 32,000 people. 

The Select Southlake webpage says this about the city: 

“They say practice makes perfect and in Southlake, it shows. 

With decades of planning and focused development, Southlake’s aim is right on target, cultivating a reputation for excellence. 

Located just minutes from DFW International Airport, Southlake’s strategic location is your gateway to the world. From our scenic landscapes to quality developments, outstanding schools, and affluent neighborhoods, we invite you to set your sights on Southlake and make our perfect place yours.”

We hope the Southlake, TX community continues to grow and thrive for years and years to come! 

We provide high-quality window tint and film services for all zip codes in Southlake, TX: 76092 

Give us a call today and start protecting yourself from the sun! 

We pride ourselves in giving every customer the best experience possible – like Kimberly and Dominic report:

“They got me in right away. It was much more reasonable than I expected to remove my tint and add the percentage of tint that my windows should have been. The waiting area is very nice with massage chairs, and it only took them about 30 minutes. They were done before I knew it! Would use them again in a heartbeat.”

“Overall this is an excellent choice for getting my windows tinted. I had all windows tinted with the highest quality ceramic tint. I have been very pleased with how the tint looks and that it greatly reduced the amount of heat inside the truck. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. If you are considering getting your windows tinted I highly recommend this location.”

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