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  • Rooms that are too hot?
  • Blinding sun glare?
  • High A/C bills?
  • Fading furniture and decor?
  • Feeling concerned about who’s looking into your home?


Offering a wide array of solar and security film solutions to suit any need, VISION Home Window Film is designed to help reduce heat, lower energy costs, and maintain the comfort and protection you desire.


  • Enjoy consistent interior temperatures and more
  • Comfortable rooms
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Prevent eyestrain from painful sun glare
  • Stop interior fading
  • Protect valuable belongings
  • Block harmful UV radiation
  • Feel more secure with complete daytime privacy


  • Never fades
  • Doesn’t bubble
  • Won’t peel, crack or change color

3 yrs

Average Length of Payback Time


Reduction In Cooling & Utility Costs


Lower Costs For Film Vs New Window


Solar Heat & UV Rays Repelled

Have you noticed some rooms are hotter or colder than others? This is called temperature imbalance. 70% of this imbalance is from solar energy (sunlight) coming through the windows, and the most cost-effective remedy is window film. This film is applied to the inside of the windows, and the three main benefits of window film are ultraviolet light reduction, solar energy rejection, and glare reduction.

At Sun Stoppers we sell films designed for any type of window manufactured, and 95% of the time the film makes these windows far more energy-efficient than the existing windows or replacement windows. We only offer residential window film with a manufacturer-backed lifetime warranty.

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The Key Benefits of Tinting Your Home's Windows

Lower Energy Costs

Help lower your energy costs, making your home more energy-efficient.

UV RAY Protection

Reject over 99% of UV rays which extends the life of artwork, rugs, drapery, and furniture. Helps protect your skin from damaging UV rays while indoors.


Reduced glare from the sun, so you can enjoy natural light without the increased eye strain.


Increases comfort by avoiding hotspots or inconsistent temperatures in your home.


Increased privacy in your personal environment.


The Process is fast and easy. We’ll come to your house in Montpelier and take care of everything.
No need to clean any windows or move furniture around.

Request a free estimate

We’ll go over the options to help you choose the best window film for your Montpelier home and give you a competitive quote.

Fast, Professional Installation

Getting your window film installed is hassle-free and painless – our professional technicians handle everything.

Enjoy a More Comfortable Home

After installation, you can sit back and enjoy life with better privacy and cooler, more comfortable rooms.

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Your window film is only as good as its application. Film must be applied without ripples or bubbles to ensure the product’s efficiency and longevity. Our window tinting experts in our Williston store location have over 20 years of experience so you can be confident we’ll do it right the first time.

  • Window Tinting Experts with 20+ years of experience
  • We handle everything from start to finish
  • Professional service
  • Competitive pricing
  • We’re known for our timely installations

We break down our estimates by each piece of glass and give you one “Exact Price” quote, based on the square footage. You can trust the competitive price we give you, and our quote won’t change.

The cost of not having window tint for your house

Without window tint, you may
  • Continue to overpay on A/C until you’ve spent double or triple the cost of tinting
  • Endure sun glare and hot, uncomfortable rooms
  • Eventually lose your investment in flooring, furniture, and artwork exposed to sunlight

You don’t need to make yourself or your family suffer through higher bills, inconsistent temperatures, and increased UV exposure.

Call (802) 688-1193 now and we will help you choose the best window tint film for your house in Montpelier, VT, or the surrounding areas!



With the exterior reflectivity of this product, heat is blocked and you can relax in privacy and keep comfortable while saving on energy costs.


When you need to block heat and reduce glare without sacrificing your view the neutral series is a perfect choice


Very high exterior reflectivity and a see-through interior view create a one-way mirror look.


Looking to upgrade your home? Get started on your free estimate today!

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Dan C.

“It’s always refreshing to find a business that is run like Sun Stoppers is run. The employees are respectful and friendly, and the customer service here is top-notch. From the beginning, even before I moved to the area, the prompt responses and communication level were great.”

Pat L.

“Phenomenal communication and extraordinary customer service paired with a strong knowledge will have me recommending this place to anyone who even mentions car detailing. I wish I could rate this above 5 stars, because they are more than deserving. Sincerely, a new, lifetime customer.”

Heather K.

“I had my windows tinted on my brand new SUV. I felt really good leaving my car and they answered all my questions. I would highly recommend them.”

Lucas S.

“Awesome and quick service! Friendly and took pride in the work completed. Will be returning!”

Common Questions About Tinting Your Home's Windows

Does the tint go on the inside or outside?

House window tint is applied to the inside of the window.

How long does residential window tinting last in the Montpelier climate?

This is dependent on a number of factors: The types of materials used, the window that the film is placed on, the orientation of the window, and how much natural shade your home receives. However,  XPEL window film is usually expected to last 20 years+.

Can I tint just a few of my home’s windows?

Yes! We’ll even tint only specific portions of larger windows if you don’t want everything tinted.

Can you remove window tinting after it is applied?

Yes, but it’s not as simple as some people think. We encourage you contact us or another professional before tackling the project.

Can I apply my own window tint?

As much as we’d like to install your home’s tint, you can do it yourself. However, be aware that the quality of the install job will significantly affect the life of the window film, and you should do thorough research before starting.

How do you maintain tinted windows?

Home window tint typically needs to dry for 2-3 weeks before you touch or clean it. After that, you can clean the windows but make sure to avoid any cleaners that use ammonia. Warm water or gentle cleaners, along with a microfiber cloth or chamois, work great for keeping the windows clean.

Can you see through tinted house windows at night?

If the lights are on, then yes. Window tint does not provide privacy at night. If you’re interested in full nighttime privacy, then consider using shades, window coverings, or one-way mirror film with night vision.

How long will it take for you to tint the windows in my home?

This is dependent upon how many windows you tint in your home. A whole house can take a whole day while a few windows take around an hour. Once you contact us, we typically can give an estimate within a day or two and complete an install within a week.

What other services do you offer in the greater Montpelier & greater Vermont?

We serve multiple locations in the greater Waterbury area and throughout Vermont.

Our residential tint service areas include Burlington, Montpelier, Stowe, Waterbury, Williston, and many more! Call us at (802) 688-1193 to see if we service your area.

Services we offer include auto window tinting, paint protection film, ceramic coating, Tesla paint protection, Tesla ceramic coating, commercial window tinting, and much more!

Residential & Home Window Tinting Film in Montpelier, VT

Big windows make a home feel beautiful, light, and airy, as well as enabling you to enjoy the view from your couch.  But did you know they can have some…


Big windows make a home feel beautiful, light, and airy, as well as enabling you to enjoy the view from your couch. 

But did you know they can have some bad side effects? Your beautiful, large windows may be causing: 

  • Warm rooms 
  • High AC bills 
  • Fading decor and furniture 
  • Painful eye glare 
  • A lack of privacy – strangers can look right into your home! 

These negative effects are the reason why Sun Stoppers offers window tinting services for homes in Montpelier, Vermont. Tinting your windows can help minimize the negative effects of your big windows while still allowing you to enjoy the beautiful views and natural lighting.  

Give us a call today to learn more! 

The state of Vermont is packed with beauty and attractions–and Montpelier is no exception. A few of the unique attractions you can find in Montpelier include: 

  • Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks 
  • Bragg Farm Sugar House and Gift Shop 
  • Vermont State House 
  • Camel’s Hump 
  • Vermont Historical Society Museum 
  • Hubbard Park 
  • Lost Nation Theatre 
  • Ethan Allen Statue 
  • Ceres 
  • Coburn Covered Bridge 
  • North Branch Vineyards 
  • Vermont College 
  • Green Mount Cemetery 
  • T.W. Wood Art Gallery 

Plus all the gorgeous natural scenery you will see! Vermont is a wonderful state for kayaking, fishing, hiking, biking, and all kinds of outdoor adventures. 

Named after a city in France, Montpelier is the capital of Vermont and the site of its government. It is the least populous state capital in the United States, with a population of 8,074 people. One of its claims to fame is the Vermont College of Fine Arts, which is located in the municipality. 

It’s small, but Montpelier is far from boring! describes Montpelier like this: 

It may be the smallest state capital in the U.S., but Montpelier is brimming with historic appeal and quirky attractions. The Winooski River flows through the heart of the city, adding to the character of its charming downtown, quaint shops, walking trails and cultural amenities. has this to say about it: 

Montpelier provides small town charm with big city flavor. We are America’s smallest Capital City, and you are welcome here. We do things a little differently here. Local is a way of life, and we are proud to be the only state capital without a Walmart, McDonalds, or a Starbucks. 

Exquisite historic buildings are home to Vermont’s state government, shopping, commerce and world-class dining and arts. Outstanding outdoor recreation is within minutes of the downtown. Montpelier is the largest urban historic district in Vermont. The crown jewel is the impeccably restored State House – one of the oldest and best preserved in the country. Three blocks away is the city’s unique business district. Linger at independently-owned shops offering books, records, clothing, fine crafts and pastries, or dine in one of the many farm-to-table restaurants, craft beer bars, and cafes.

If you live in Montpelier and you want window tinting services, call us at Sun Stoppers! 

We serve all zip codes and neighborhoods in Montpelier, including: 

05601, 05602, 05603, 05604, 05609, 05620, 05633 

Berlin Street, North Street, Towne Hill, Toy Town, College Hill, Lower Elm Street, Park West, Northfield Street 

And all other neighborhoods in Montpelier. Give us a call today–we look forward to hearing from you! 

We love our customers, especially when we work with people like Spenser!

“Nathan and the Sun Stoppers crew did a fantastic job detailing (interior and exterior) my VW Sportwagen at a very fair price. The car might be cleaner than when I bought it brand new from the dealership! I spend a lot of time driving dirt roads while my dog sheds in the back seat. They removed all evidence of this- every nook and cranny is spotless, including the door jams and around the rear hatch. The customer service they provide is friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable. I’ll definitely be back in the future.”

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