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Solar heat coming through your windows runs your A/C and drains your battery faster, reducing range on each charge.

XPEL window tint blocks up to 98% of the infrared heat from the sun. This allows you to drive further and enjoy a more comfortable cabin with less glare in hot summer months.

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Solar heat coming through your Tesla’s windows runs your A/C and drains your battery faster, reducing range on each charge.

Window tinting blocks up to 98% of solar heat so you can drive further and enjoy a more comfortable cabin with less glare in hot summer months.

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"Tinting only the sides and the back is similar to trying to cook in an oven with the door open. The windshield is often the largest piece of glass on a vehicle and allows all the heat into the cabin if it does not have a heat rejection film."


Traditional window films try to do two jobs—block heat and look cool—and usually don’t do either of them well. XPEL PRIME Window Tint gives you all of the heat and UV protection benefits of window tint, but without the super dark look that can make it hard to see out of the car—or get you a ticket in some locations.


Leaders in the Industry

Sun Stoppers is the largest XPEL tint dealer in the world as well as XPEL’s 2019 Tint Dealer of the Year. We take pride in catering to our Tesla customers with an excellent installation and timely service. Whether it’s tint, paint protection film or ceramic coating you will not be disappointed.

All Tesla models have a feature called Cabin Overheat Protection that automatically turns the A/C on if the interior gets over 110 degrees while parked. This feature does turn off once the battery gets down to 20%. With the extensive amount of glass on all Tesla models, higher heat rejection films will minimize the use of the A/C while driving and reduce the usage of the Cabin Overheat Protection. This results in improved mileage per charge, especially during the hot summer months.

It doesn’t matter if you are tinting your Model 3, Model S, or other Tesla car; you are sure to see an improvement in your car’s performance!


Protection from UV Rays

Here at Sun Stoppers, we tint the Model 3 back glass with a single 60” piece. It’s important to consider tinting your entire Tesla including the windshield with a clear film to maximize the heat rejection capability of XPEL’s ceramic films XR and XR Plus.

The windshield can be tinted with a clear film that actually helps reduce glare at night. The difference between XR and XR Plus is the amount of infrared heat each film blocks, 88% and 98% respectively. Both films protect you, your family and your friends from harmful UV rays with a rating of SPF 1,000. This is extremely important as 52% of all skin cancer occurs on the left side of the body.


Utilizing a nano-ceramic construction, PRIME XR maintains the same flawless appearance and clarity for multiple years. Blocking up to 88% infrared heat rejection, PRIME XR will provide you with the level of performance you expect from a top-of-the-line automotive window tint without breaking the bank.

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XPEL Prime XR Plus

Offering 98% infrared heat rejection thanks to multi-layer nanoparticle technology, PRIME XR PLUS automotive window tint combines a cool look with extreme performance. Let PRIME XR PLUS keep you comfortable and protected in all types of weather.

Watch XPEL PRIME XR Plus video


Ceramic Window Tint Model S

See the installation process from start to finish.

Tinting Tesla Model X Windshield

Tinting the largest windshield on the road!

My Stealth Model Y - Xpel Wrap by Sun Stoppers

Why you need self-healing paint protection film.

XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film

Turn any paint job to a matte satin look while protecting the car!

Protect Your Paint From Paint Swirls, Acid Rain and Tree Sap

This Tesla Model 3 came to us in a very rough condition. We turned it into a work of art.

Paint protection film saved this customer $2500!

XPEL paint protection film protects your paint from damage.



One of the most common questions we get is what are the benefits of paint protection film versus ceramic coating. Watch the video to see these benefits of tint, paint protection film and ceramic coating on a Tesla Model 3.

  • Preserving the new condition of your vehicle.
  • Protecting your paint from rock chips and road debris.
  • Minimizing damage from door dings.
  • Protecting high-risk areas behind the wheels and by the trunk.

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Enjoy peace of mind that your paint is protected from fading caused by harmful UV rays and never having to scrub brake dust off your wheels ever again!

Are you worried about…

  • Protecting your paint from fading due to harmful UV Rays.
  • Reducing the number of scratches in the clear coat.
  • Brake dust caked onto your wheels.
  • Tree sap and other harmful elements staining your paint.

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Questions about tinting your Tesla? See our answers below...

Which Tesla models do offer window tinting for?

We’ll tint the windows for any Tesla: Model 3, Model S, Model X, and Model Y, etc.

Can you tint windows on a Tesla with one piece of film?

Yes, even on the Model 3. We use a single 60-inch piece of window film to ensure a quality install and maximum lifespan for the window tint.

Is Tesla window tinting different from other vehicles?

Not really. The main challenge is the extra-large window on some models. We use a single 60-inch piece of film to combat this problem, and we install the film the same way we do on other vehicles.

What is the average length that window tint lasts on Tesla windows?

Standard films generally last around 5 years. The XPEL window tint that we use at Sun Stoppers usually lasts at least 10 years, and often longer if properly maintained.

Should I wait a certain number of hours before rolling the windows down in my Tesla gets tinted?

Yes. Rolling your windows down prematurely can harm the window tint just like washing your windows too soon can, too. While 4 days is usually long enough to wait, you might want to wait a week to be on the safe side.

Is it normal to have bubbles in my window after they are tinted?

Bubbles in the window tints are normal for a few hours after installation. If the bubbles remain after a week or two, the window tint was not installed properly.

Is there a difference in window film between the Model 3 and Model S?

Different window sizes mean slight differences in prices, but installation works the same way.

What kinds of window film do you offer for tinting the windows of a Tesla?

We offer the XPEL Prime XR (88% blockage of infrared heat) and the XPEL Prime XR Plus (98% blockage of infrared heat). Both window films protect you from harmful UV rays with a rating of SPF 1,000.

What is the darkest legal tint on a Tesla?

Every state has different laws regarding tint darkness and reflection. If you are crossing state lines and get pulled over for window tint that was legal in your state but NOT in the state you are currently in, you will normally only get a warning. Visit to discover the window tinting laws in your state.

What is the best way to clean tinted Tesla windows?

There are two main considerations when cleaning tinted windows:

      1. Use an ammonia-free cleaner. A few good options are Invisible Glass and Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner. 
      2. Use soft microfiber cloths when cleaning the windows. Even household items like paper towels with a rougher surface can damage tinted windows.

Window Tinting & UV Protection For Your Tesla

If you own a Tesla, you care a lot about driving a safe car and cutting down on the expenses of powering a vehicle.  But did you know that Tesla’s…


If you own a Tesla, you care a lot about driving a safe car and cutting down on the expenses of powering a vehicle. 

But did you know that Tesla’s have a feature called Cabin Overheat Protection that automatically turns the A/C on if the interior gets over 110 degrees, even while parked? That means your miles per charge plummet and you aren’t nearly as efficient as you thought. 

It’s time to make your Tesla safer, cooler, and more private.

It’s time you got the best window tinting services available for your car.  It’s time you got XPEL Tesla window tinting from Sun Stoppers!

We have all experienced getting into a car after it sits in the sun for a few hours.  After a hard day at work, the last thing you want is your car needing several minutes to cool down!

With a Tesla, a hot cabin is doubly unfortunate because it triggers the Cabin Overheat Protection System. As a result, the A/C runs in your Tesla, causing your miles per charge to nosedive. 

Unfortunately, the sun causes even more problems than an overactive A/C when it beats down on your Tesla. 

Maybe it’s driving down the road in the mid-afternoon with consistent sun glare in your eyes. Or, maybe it’s knowing you are being exposed to the sun’s UV rays which are fading your car’s interior, and possibly causing skin damage to your body.

Hot car interiors, fading upholstery, sun glare while driving, limited privacy – these are just a few of the problems when you spend hours in a car with limited or no window tint.

Whatever the case, you deserve a car with a cooler interior, more privacy, protection against UV rays, and less direct sunlight.

That’s where XPEL window tint and Sun Stoppers come in!

Since 1994, we have been providing the best local car window tinting services available in Charlotte, NC.  As we increase our locations, we are excited to see our U.S. service area grow as well!  

Whether you are looking for Model 3 window tinting or other Tesla models, we have the tint and film services to provide the privacy, comfort, and UV protection you need.

We believe your Tesla is an investment that needs to be cared for and protected.  Partnering with XPEL, we provide quality tint and paint protection to give your vehicle the best protection available.

Get a quote today, or view our Store Locator to find your local Sun Stoppers location.    

Besides offering Tesla window tinting services, we also offer other privacy and sun-blocking products, including the following:

Whatever your needs, Sun Stoppers has the tinting services.

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