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The Top 6 Reasons to Get Your Windows Tinted with Sun Stoppers

More Privacy

Blocks up to 98% of Solar Heat

Improves Your Vehicle's Appearance

Reduces Sun Glare for Safer Driving

Prevents Interior Sun Damage

Protects Your Skin - Blocks 99.9% of Solar UVA Rays

Drive Your Car in Privacy

You’re pretty exposed in a car without window tint. 

It’s like leaving the house lights on with the blinds open. Anyone can see you or your passengers and make unwanted eye contact.

And in a parking lot, someone walking past can easily see your belongings at a glance. 

Protect yourself and what’s in your car from prying eyes with XPEL true-black window tint from Sun Stoppers.

XPEL Tint Film Blocks up to 98% of the Sun’s Heat

Stop baking in your car.

In a parked vehicle, interior temps can climb to 172 degrees in summer. You bake and sweat as you start your drive, waiting for the A/C to cool down the cabin.

And without tint, even the most expensive car can be uncomfortable on the sunny side even with the A/C on, due to direct sunlight on the skin.

With XPEL car tint, up to 98% of the solar heat is reflected.

The result? Parked car temperatures don’t reach extremes. You and your passengers ride in the comfort of a more even cabin temperature, shielded from the heat of the sun.

Parked Teslas see another benefit from XPEL tint. They save battery charge which increases driving range. The A/C doesn’t need to switch on as often to keep the parked car below the Cabin Overheat Protection limit.

Should You
Tint Your Windshield?

You probably know the windshield is the largest entry point for solar heat into the vehicle.

But, did you know that ceramic heat rejection film can be clear?

This makes it possible to legally tint your windshield, which eliminates the need for sun shades. Without limiting your forward vision.

Never come back to an oven again, or wrestle with the clutter of another folding sunshade.

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"Tinting only the sides and the back is similar to trying to cook in an oven with the door open. The windshield is often the largest piece of glass on a vehicle and allows all the heat into the cabin if it does not have a heat rejection film."


Window tinting shades are measured by VLT (visible light transmission), which is the percentage of light that passes through your windows.

*Check local tint laws in your area.

Window Tint Makes
Every Car Look Better

Why does every car advertised in TV commercials have tinted windows?

Simple. Every car looks better tinted.

Without any tint, even the most expensive car is lacking.

But not all tint films are truly black. Inferior films can be a shade of gray or purple. And if the film bubbles, which lower quality tint films can do, it looks worse than no tint at all.

With a true black XPEL window tint from Sun Stoppers, your vehicle will look its best.

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Mercedes C63 XPEL Tint Installation

Don't settle for inferior window films that aren't truly black.

Installing Window Film on a Lamborgini

Watch the process unfold.

XPEL Vs. Other Brands

How does XPEL tint compare to other brands?

Sun Stoppers Matthews

We pride ourselves on perfecting every detail of the tinting process.

Tesla Model X Windshield Tint x Sun Stoppers

Upgrade your Model X with the best tint in the business.

Why tint your car at Sun Stoppers?

See the difference between cheap window film and Sun Stoppers high-quality tint.

What Makes Sun Stoppers The Best Choice?

Ever put a screen protector on your phone only to discover specks of dust that made bubbles?

Or that it’s not lined up and has gaps at the edges?

Now, imagine putting a screen protector on multiple phones that are several feet wide. Some are upside down.

That’s what installing window tint is like. Now you know why experience matters.

We’ve perfected the process of tinting windows with over 150,000 window tint installations under our belt. Plus, we have the Guinness world record for the most tint installations in a day.

We only use the highest quality window film. And with over 80,000 vehicle patterns, we already have your vehicle covered.

Every installation gets the same attention to detail, so you can be confident it’s done right the first time.

That’s why Sun Stoppers is the largest XPEL window tint dealer in the world, and that’s why our customers trust us.

We’ve received over 1,900 reviews with an average of 4.8 stars across all locations.
See for yourself:

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The Only Window Tint with an SPF Rating

Health Benefits of XPEL Ceramic Tint

  • UV rays are harmful to the skin as well as the eyes
  • XPEL tint has an SPF rating of up to 1,000
  • Reduce UV ray exposure by up to 99.9%
  • Create a safer environment in your vehicle

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends XPEL PRIME XR & XR Plus Window Tint as an effective UV protectant.

Reduce Sun Glare


Glare can make driving uncomfortable and even dangerous. Plus, it’s just plain annoying.

XPEL car window tint dramatically reduces sun glare, as well as headlight glare at night.

This eases eyestrain, like wearing sunglasses at the beach. You squint less and driving is more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Window Tinting

What is the average length that window tint lasts on car windows?

Standard tint films generally last around 5 years. The XPEL window tint that we use at Sun Stoppers usually lasts at least 10 years, and often longer if properly maintained.

What should I do to help maintain my car’s tint?

    • Monitor your tint for imperfections. Vertical streaks could mean that your window is rubbing when you put it up and down. This will quickly wear out the window tint.
    • Avoid abrasive cleaners and use soft cloths when cleaning
    • Remove bubbles, and creases as soon as you see them forming.

When can I wash my car windows after they are tinted?

If you wash your tinted windows before they have time to cure completely there is a risk that the water will cause the tint to lose their hold. That’s why you should wait one week before washing your tinted windows.

Should I wait a certain number of hours before rolling my car windows down?

Yes. Rolling your windows down prematurely can harm the window tint just like washing your windows too soon can. While four days is usually long enough to wait, you might want to wait a week to be on the safe side.

Can I remove auto window tint myself?

Usually, yes. There are various methods for removing window tint, but your local auto mechanic should be able to give helpful advice.

Is it normal to have bubbles in my window after they are tinted?

Bubbles in the window tints are normal for a few hours after installation. If the bubbles remain after a week or two, the window tint was not installed properly.

What percent is a typical factory window tint?

Most cars come from the factory with tinted glass (different from window film that is applied when you want to tint your windows after you buy the vehicle). The typical visual light transmission (VLT) of factory glass is 15-26%.

What is the best way to clean tinted car windows?

There are two main considerations when cleaning tinted windows

      1. Use an ammonia free cleaner. A few good options are Invisible Glass, and Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner. 
      2. Use soft microfiber cloths when cleaning the windows. Even household items like paper towel with a rougher surface can damage tinted windows.

What is the darkest legal tint for cars?

Every state has different laws regarding tint darkness and reflection. If you are crossing state lines and get pulled over for window tint that was legal in your state but NOT in the state you are currently in, you will normally only get a warning. Visit to discover the window tinting laws in your state.


Traditional window films try to do two jobs—block heat and look cool—and usually don’t do either of them well. XPEL PRIME Window Tint gives you all of the heat and UV protection benefits of window tint, but without the super dark look that could restrict vision or get you a ticket in some locations.


Utilizing a nano-ceramic construction, PRIME XR maintains the same flawless appearance and clarity throughout the years. Blocking up to 88% infrared heat rejection, PRIME XR will provide you with the level of performance you expect from a top-of-the-line automotive window tint without breaking the bank.

XPEL Prime XR Plus

Offering 98% infrared heat rejection thanks to multi-layer nanoparticle technology, PRIME XR PLUS automotive window tint combines a cool look with extreme performance. Let PRIME XR PLUS keep you comfortable and protected no matter the weather.


When protection from heat isn’t as big a priority, XPEL PRIME CS is an ideal choice. Like XPEL PRIME XR, it blocks 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays, and it provides a lifetime of color-stable, glare-blocking performance. It will never fade, crack, peel or turn purple like many lesser protection films often do. XPEL PRIME CS’s neutral charcoal finish looks great on any car, and like XPEL PRIME XR, it has a lifetime transferrable warranty.

Signature XR & XR Plus Features


XPEL PRIME XR & XR Plus contains ceramic particles that filter out the sun’s infrared radiation — making them more effective than traditional metallized or dyed films.


In the past, keeping cool meant darker shades. The ceramic technology in XPEL PRIME XR & XR Plus allows us to provide the highest performance without sacrificing clarity and color.


Our ceramic particle technology blocks the vast majority of the sun’s heat-causing infrared radiation — keeping your interior cool and improving fuel efficiency.


Our nano-ceramic particle technology does not interfere with radio, cellular, and Bluetooth signals like traditional metallized films.


XPEL PRIME XR & XR Plus contains ceramic particles that filter out the sun’s infrared radiation — making them more effective than traditional metallized or dyed films.

Automotive Window Tinting & UV Protection

If you spend significant time driving, or if your car sits in sunlit areas for long periods of time, you have experienced the negatives of direct sunlight. It’s time to…


If you spend significant time driving, or if your car sits in sunlit areas for long periods of time, you have experienced the negatives of direct sunlight.

It’s time to make your car safer, cooler, and more private. It’s time you got the best window tinting services available for your car. It’s time you got XPEL automotive window tinting from Sun Stoppers!

We have all experienced getting into a car after it sits in the sun for a few hours.  After a hard day at work, the last thing you want is your car needing several minutes to cool down!

Or, maybe it’s driving down the road in the mid-afternoon with a consistent sun glare in your eyes.

Or, maybe it’s knowing you are being exposed to the sun’s UV rays which are fading your car’s interior, and possibly causing skin damage to your body.

Whatever the case, you deserve a car with a cooler interior, more privacy in your car, protection against UV rays, and less direct sunlight.

That’s where XPEL window tint and Sun Stoppers come in!

Since 1994, we have been providing the best local car window tinting services available in Charlotte, NC.  As we increase our locations, we are excited to see our U.S. service area grow as well!

No matter what your goals are, or what model your car is, we have the automotive window tint to provide the privacy, comfort, and UV protection you need.

We believe your car is an investment that needs to be cared for and protected.  Partnering with XPEL, we provide quality tint and paint protection to give your vehicle the best protection available.

Get a quote today, or view our Store Locator to find your local Sun Stoppers location.

Besides offering automotive tinting services, we also offer other privacy and sun-blocking products, including the following:

No matter what your window or glass door needs are, the team at Sun Stoppers window tinting can help you!

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