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Protecting Your Tesla: Everything You Need To Know


The writing is on the wall: humans as a whole are moving towards electric and hybrid cars. In fact, some places like the U.K. have placed bans on new fossil fuel vehicles by 2030 and most states in the U.S. promote hybrid and electric vehicles.  

That means the up and coming Tesla vehicles will only continue to grow in popularity. 

There’s just one catch: these cars are expensive. The cost of a Tesla ranges from $40,000 for a Model 3 to $200,000 for a Roadster.

So, it’s understandable that those who take the plunge and buy a Tesla want to make sure their investment lasts for a long time. 

In other words: 

You wouldn’t want to wake up one morning to see that your Tesla has lost its gleam, that the interior is faded, or that there are paint chips and dings all over the body from gravel or harsh weather conditions. 

At Sun Stoppers we understand how you feel. We know you don’t want your auto investment to turn shabby in a few months or years either. 

That’s why we want to help you protect your Tesla. We’re here to help you know how to keep your car looking brand new for years. Let’s get started!


3 Ways To Protect A Tesla

You want to avoid the dings, scratches, and faded interiors that always come after you’ve owned a vehicle for a while. 

But how can you protect Tesla paint? And beyond that, how can keep the interior looking immaculate? 

There are three significant steps you can take towards ensuring the longevity of your Tesla. 

  1. Tint the windows with a quality window film
  2. Use a ceramic coating to keep the new paint gleam
  3. Install a paint protection film (PPF) to turn heads when you drive by. 

We’ll take a look at each of these products and how they can keep your Tesla looking phenomenal.

Ways To Protect A Tesla

Is Investing In Protecting Your Tesla Worth It?

You just paid thousands of dollars to buy a Tesla. The last thing you feel like doing now is coughing up more money. 

But don’t forget: 

You bought a Tesla with your future in mind. Otherwise, why not buy a cheap car powered by fossil fuels? 

It’s not time to turn back now. You made one investment in your future, and now it’s time to secure that investment

We’ll get into the benefits of window tinting, ceramic coating, and paint protection film in a bit. But for now, trust that each of these services extends the lifespan of your vehicle significantly. 

And if that’s not enough, they boost the value of your Tesla dramatically. 

In other words: 

If you ever want to sell your Tesla, investing in any of these products will make your car more valuable – and should easily pay themselves off. 

So, yes – protecting your Tesla is 100%  worth the investment!


Protect Your Tesla's Interior With Window Tinting

Have you ever noticed that every single car commercial includes vehicles with tinted windows? That’s because tinted windows add a touch of sporty class to any vehicle. 

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this classy Kia, this sporty Tesla, or this jaw-dropping Corvette. All of them look amazing, and they all feature tinted windows.

And here’s the thing: 

The benefits of tinting the windows on your Tesla go far beyond aesthetics! Let’s take a look at a few of the other benefits of window tint. 

1 – Increased Privacy With Tinted Windows

Our vehicles are like an extension of our living room. We spend significant amounts of time in them, and you should feel comfortable and relaxed in your vehicle. 

The main difference is that living rooms are private, and cars are not. 

But we think you should be able to relax in your car like you can in your own house. Thankfully, XPEL window tint allows you to do that! 

Window tinting shades are measured by VLT (visible light transmission), which is the percentage of light that passes through your windows. 

So, the lower the percentage the less light gets in, and the more privacy you have. 

For example: 

80% window tint allows 80% of light into the car cabin and is quite light. 5% window tint allows only 5% of light in the vehicle and is very dark – so dark that it is sometimes called “limo tint.”

window tint shades

Just remember that many states have laws on how dark the film on your windows can be.  If you aren’t sure about the legal tints in your state, visit If you aren’t complying with the tinting laws in your state, you may get pulled over. 

2 – Prevent Interior Sun Damage

Let’s face it – your Tesla, just like every vehicle, is going to take a beating. 

Parking your car in the garage, performing regular maintenance, and proper driving technique helps a lot. But what about the times your vehicle sits in the sun while you’re getting groceries or you’re at an event and you have to park outside? 

You can cut the cake a million different ways and still get the same result – any vehicle that is actually driven on a regular basis is going to have to handle some beating sun. 

The results? 

An ugly, faded interior. 

And what’s the point of having an exquisite exterior if you are met with an unpleasant sight each time you open the car door? 

But with a quality window tint you can protect the surfaces in the interior of your car. 

In fact, XPEL Prime XR Plus window tint reduces solar heat, meaning the interior of your Tesla remains virtually unscathed by sun rays. 


3 –  Increase Tesla Miles Per Charge

If you own a Tesla, you care a lot about driving a safe car and cutting down on the expenses of powering a vehicle. 

But did you know that Tesla’s have a feature called Cabin Overheat Protection that automatically turns the A/C on if the interior gets over 110 degrees, even while parked? That means your miles per charge plummet and you aren’t nearly as efficient as you thought.

That’s where window film comes in. 

Applying a window tint to your Tesla allows the cabin to remain cool, and keep the Cabin Overheat Protection system from kicking on. 

As a result you boost the miles you get from each charge on your Tesla! 

4 – Protect Your Skin And Eyes

We’d be in deep trouble without the sun – and beyond our survival, it brings a lot of happiness to our days. 

But as many have experienced, too much sunshine can turn deadly – and we aren’t just talking about mild sunburn.  

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States and is most often caused by repeated and unprotected exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays.  

Beyond that, harmful UV rays can damage our eyes – causing problems like macular degeneration and cataracts. 

Of course, driving in a car exposes both your skin and eyes to the sun for long periods of time. 

This is where XPEL window tint stands head and shoulders above the competition. 


It reduces UV exposure by up to 99.9%, is considered a medical grade window tint, and is the only window tint with an SPF rating! 

If that’s not enough, Dr. Amir Khoshnevis, doctor of optometry says that XPEL is the best medical window tint in the industry. 

The Skin Cancer Foundation even recommends XPEL PRIME XR & XR Plus Window Tint as an effective UV protectant.

Protecting your car and your body at the same time? Now that’s a win-win. 

5 – Reduces Sun Glare For Safer Driving

One recent study has shown that serious car accidents increase by 16% when it’s very sunny and glare is present. 

Another study has shown that as many as 9000 accidents relating to sun glare occur each year! That’s more than is caused by icy roads.

Migraine headaches, dry eyes, and swelling inside your eyes are also connected to light sensitivity

Yikes. It might be worth doing something to reduce the sun glare in a Tesla! 

Thankfully, applying a window film can do that for you. 

In the past, blocking sun glare meant you had to get a dark shade of window tint – sometimes an illegal shade, or a shade that was so dark that visibility was difficult. 

7 - low res

However, the ceramic technology in XPEL PRIME XR & XR Plus allows us to provide the highest performance without sacrificing clarity and color.

But that’s not all! 

Our nano-ceramic particle technology does not interfere with radio, cellular, and Bluetooth signals like traditional metalized films.

That means you can be safe and connected while you drive! 

At Sun Stoppers, We believe your Tesla is an investment that needs to be cared for and protected.

Whether you are looking for Model 3 window tinting or other Tesla models, we have the tint and film services to provide the privacy, comfort, and UV protection you need.

Now, let’s get on to other options for protecting your Tesla! 

window tinting protects you and your vehicle

How Ceramic Coating Protects Tesla Paint

While tint focuses on protecting the interior of a Tesla, the job of ceramic coating is to keep the exterior of a Tesla in pristine condition. 

XPEL’s FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating bonds at the molecular level to seal and protect the paint on your Model 3, Model S, Model X, or Model Y.

Now, let’s explore how this can improve your life! 

1 – Make Cleaning Your Tesla Easy

You don’t turn heads with a dirty sports car. 

Rather, if you want to impress people and get them to take a second look at your car you need to keep it spotless. 

Regularly washing and waxing your Tesla can really help. But chances are, you know exactly how time and energy-consuming that process can be. 

So what if you learned that you wouldn’t ever need to wax your car again? (Please refrain from doing your happy dance now, and wait until you finish reading the article.)

Ceramic coating gives your Tesla a high-gloss finish that eliminates the need for waxing. 

Additionally, XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating has hydrophobic properties which repels dirt and liquids, making surfaces easier to clean. 

Still skeptical? Take a look at ceramic coating in action and watch the dirt and water slide effortlessly off this surface! 

2 – Enhanced Paint Color

The hard, glass-like covering that ceramic coating provides is resistant to light scratches and fading to the paint on a Tesla – meaning you’ll retain a perfect appearance for a longer period of time. 

But you don’t have to wait years for the payoff of ceramic coating. 

As soon as it’s applied, ceramic coating enhances the color of your Tesla. The color itself grows richer and deeper, and of course, the new vehicle gleam is eye-popping! 

3 – Protect Against Exterior Damage

XPEL FUSION PLUS bonds at the molecular level to seal and protect surfaces. That means you get more than protection against scratches and stains in the vehicle paint. 

You also get paint protection from environmental contaminants, harmful UV rays, and insect acids. 

And since you create an inseparable bond on a molecular level with your Tesla’s paintwork, you can drive confidently knowing the ceramic coating won’t be washed off like a wax or sealant.

In fact, we have so much confidence in the performance of XPEL’s ceramic coating that they guarantee it for 4 years from the initial installation.  

Visit a Sun Stoppers store and protect your Tesla with XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating!

ceramic coating keeps vehicles looking brand new

Maintain Perfect Paint With PPF For Your Tesla

Paint Protection Film (PPF) takes a look at ceramic coating and says “Great job! Now, let me one-up you.” 

In other words: 

Paint protection film takes Tesla exterior protection to the next level.  In fact, applying PPF is like giving your Tesla protective armor. 

Let’s take a look at how paint protection film can change your life! 

1 – Stop Exterior Damage

We list exterior protection as the first benefit of paint protection film, because this is its number one job. 

Stones, sand, tar, and other road debris wreak havoc on your car’s paint. If that’s not enough acid rain, bugs, and bird dropping will finish the job.

However, paint protection film (sometimes called clear bra) can keep all that from happening. 

Lightweight and transparent, paint protection film is seamlessly applied to the exterior of your vehicle, which aids in preventing the paint from fading and damaging.

PPF is even better than ceramic coating because it is thicker – meaning it is harder to penetrate. 

Literally once XPEL’s Ultimate Plus Paint Protection is adhered to the paint on your Tesla, the old concerns of worrying about the film peeling, cracking, fading, aging, yellowing or blistering are no more with XPEL’s 10-year warranty against any of this happening to the film.


2 – Self Heal Scratches

This is where XPEL’s PPF begins to take things to the next level. 

Not only does this top-of-the-line paint protection film guard against everyday threats like gravel and bugs, it also self-heals when it is scratched. 

That’s right – you can take a wire brush (up to 6 mil) to paint protection film, and then pour warm water on it and watch the scratches disappear. 


3 – Boost Vehicle Aesthetics

There are numerous ways of protecting a vehicle. For example, you could attach a huge steel bumper to the front of your Tesla to eliminate the risk of animals damaging it. 

However, that fix wouldn’t look very good. 

On the other hand, paint protection film enhances the aesthetics of a car as soon as it is applied. 

You can’t see the film with the naked eye – but you can tell that it makes your vehicle glisten like new! 

You can also get unique paint protection films that give your Tesla an attractive finish. Take for example the XPEL Stealth PPF. This allows you to create a whole new attractive matte finish for your Tesla! 


4 – Save Money On Expensive Vehicle Repairs

Have you ever needed to repaint a vehicle? 

If not, count yourself lucky. 

While the costs to paint a car varies on many factors, you can expect to pay $5,000 for a high-quality paint job. 

In other words: 

You want to avoid repainting your car if at all possible. 

And here’s the thing: 

Every time your paint is punctured – even if it’s just a tiny chip from a piece of gravel – the protective barrier is broken and an area is created where rust and other damage can set in.  

That’s why making the investment in paint protection film and getting armor for your car can save you tons of money in the end. 

how paint protection film boosts your Tesla's value
Your Tesla Is Worth The Investment!

There’s no doubt that protecting your Tesla is well worth the investment. 

And whether you have a Model3, Model S, Model X, or Model Y you can get Tesla paint protection, Tesla ceramic coating, and Tesla window tinting from Sun Stoppers. 

We are one of the few XPEL product installers in the country. In fact, we hold the Guinness World Record for the number of car windows tinted in eight hours. 

Beyond automotive services, we also offer residential window tinting, commercial window tint, and security window film.

We know exactly how difficult it can be to complete a business transaction – and that’s why our goal is to make working with us incredibly easy. 

Here’s all you have to do: 

  1. Request a free quote. We’ll go over the options to help you choose the best window film and make sure you get a competitive quote.
  2. Let us perform a fast and professional installation
  3. Enjoy more comfort security and privacy. 

No, we’re not kidding. It’s that easy. If you want to see what others have to say about how easy we are to work with, check out our hundreds of reviews

We would love to put our years of expertise to work and serve you! 

Contact us to get a free quote or see if we have a store near you. We look forward to hearing from you!       

sun stoppers can install window tint ceramic coating and paint protection film
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