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Blog / Enhance Your Home or Business with Flat Glass Window Tint: A Comprehensive Guide

Enhance Your Home or Business with Flat Glass Window Tint: A Comprehensive Guide

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Windows are a crucial element of building design. Their shape and size define the look of a building’s exterior. On the inside, the amount of light they let in completely transforms the feel of the rooms.

We’re drawn to light and fresh air, and windows allow us to experience the joy of the outdoors in a temperature-controlled interior.

Unfortunately, there’s a downside to windows. Large windows make our private homes feel less private. Harsh sunlight quickly heats up a room. Soon, the UV rays fade the flooring and furniture, giving a shabby feel to what was once your favorite room. 

At Sun Stoppers, we get it! Our mission is to give people the best of both worlds with top-quality window tint that blocks heat, glare, and UV rays. Although we’re known for our automotive tint, we also install flat glass window tint for homes and commercial buildings

Keep reading to learn more about flat glass window tint and if it’s right for you!

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What Is Flat Glass Window Tint?

When you hear the term “window tint,” there’s a good chance you immediately think of car windows. After all, most cars are manufactured with tinted windows, and many people opt to add an after-factory tint.

But window tint is not just for cars! 

Flat glass window tint is designed for the flat sheets of glass used in homes and commercial buildings. Although it’s very similar to automotive tint, it’s designed to look nice on stationary buildings. Some flat glass tint is basically invisible, while other tint is designed to enhance the look of the window. 

Five Benefits of Flat Glass Window Tint

Flat glass window tint has several benefits. Let’s look at what you can expect after installing it on your windows. 

1) Heat Reduction

If you have large windows, the heat generated inside a room on a sunny day is intense. Tinting the windows blocks the heat-generating rays and helps keep the interior much cooler!

2) Glare Reduction

It’s hard to get much done with the sun glaring in your eyes! Depending on the placement of your windows and whether or not you have shade trees outside, this can be a significant issue that flat glass window tint helps reduce.

3) UV Radiation Reduction

The sun’s UV rays are destructive. They damage our skin and can lead to skin cancer or premature aging. UV radiation also fades the furniture, flooring, and walls in our homes. 

Window tint blocks those UV rays before they have the chance to do their damage.

4) Privacy

Flat glass window tint adds privacy, especially during the daytime! This may be a concern for you if you have large windows facing a road or other public area. 

5) Energy Efficiency

Window tint is an economical way to reduce your energy costs. The more large, sunny windows you have, the more all that sunlight is heating your home and making your air conditioner run over time. Blocking that heat results in a much more energy-efficient home!

Overall, window tint has a variety of benefits. Whether your biggest concern is privacy, increased heat, or fading furniture, there’s a tint that takes care of it.

five benefits of tint

Home Window Tint

Flat glass window tint can be divided into two categories: Home window tint and commercial window tint. Although there is a lot of overlap, homes, and commercial buildings serve different functions, so the window tinting needs differ.

Let’s dive into some of the specifics of home window tint. 

Rules and regulations for home window tint

If you’ve ever applied an after-factory tint to your car windows, you know that there are laws determining which windows you’re allowed to tint, how dark you’re permitted to tint them, and how reflective your tint can be.

These laws are in place because tint can cause safety issues if it reflects light into people’s eyes or is so dark that drivers can’t see through them.

However, these safety concerns are irrelevant for houses, so there are no rules and regulations limiting what type of window tint you can put on your home. Do whatever works best for your needs!

What type of window tint is best for homes?

Homeowners typically want to limit heat and UV rays without changing the look of a window or altering the views. Some homeowners like the mirrored look and appreciate the added privacy, while others prefer a more traditional-looking window.

Here are a few home window tint options and what they provide:

  • Clear View Window Film blocks UV rays and reduces heat without compromising the view or darkening the windows. It is a good option if you want your windows altered as little as possible.
  • Metallic Window Film includes metal particles that reflect heat and light away from your home. If you live in an area with intense sunshine or if you’re looking for daytime privacy, metallic window film is a good option.
  • Neutral Window Film is a good balance between clear view and metallic if you want something in-between. It contains some metallic particles and blocks more heat and glare than clear-view film but retains a neutral, non-reflective look that may darken the windows slightly but won’t affect the view. 

Other considerations for home window tint

To have the best window tinting experience possible, here are some other considerations to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to buy a reputable brand of window tint with good reviews.
  • Hire a professional to install the tint so it lasts a long time without bubbling or looking unsightly.
  • Carefully check the cleaning recommendations for your tint. If it requires a complicated cleaning procedure, consider using a different type or brand that’s easier to maintain.
  • Ask your installer if they can put up window tint samples so you can see what different types look like in your home before deciding.
  • If you’re concerned about privacy, remember that tint only provides daytime privacy. For nighttime privacy, you’ll need an added barrier like good window shades.

Once you’ve chosen the tint you like and it’s been professionally installed, you can enjoy the beautiful sunlight and views without letting harsh, damaging rays enter your home!

tint samples

Commercial Window Tint

If you own a commercial building or are considering building or purchasing one, you may be interested in using commercial window tint to increase energy efficiency and privacy. 

Let’s look at some factors to consider when applying commercial window tint.

Rules and regulations for commercial window tint

Like with home window tint, there are no regulations limiting commercial tint because flat glass tint is not a safety hazard.

However, depending on where you build, window tint may actually help your building be up to code by meeting energy efficiency standards or preventing birds from flying into your windows.

What type is best

When tinting your commercial windows, you can use any of the types of window tint we described in the section on home window tint. However, some types of window tint are designed specifically with commercial buildings in mind. For instance:

  • Exterior Window Film is popular with commercial buildings that have huge windows. Size and accessibility issues may make it easier to apply the film to the outside, and exterior window film dramatically enhances energy efficiency, which is crucial in large sunny office spaces. 
  • Bird Safety Window Film is a type of film that’s designed to prevent birds from flying into a commercial building’s massive windows.
  • Anti-Grafiti Film is popular on storefronts because it allows business owners to clean off graffiti quickly and easily. 

Other considerations for commercial window tint 

As you search for the perfect window tint for your commercial building, here are some further considerations to keep in mind:

  • Remember that tint alone may not be enough protection against glare. Consider adding quality window shades so the sun doesn’t shine in anyone’s eyes as they try to work.
  • Energy efficiency is one of your top priorities if you own a commercial space with large windows, so talk to a professional about which types of tint will maximize efficiency the most.
  • Most of all, make sure your installer is a professional with good reviews and ask for references before hiring them to do the job. 


If you’re interested in applying flat glass window tint to your home or office, call your nearest Sun Stoppers! We offer fast, hassle-free, professional installation, and we’d love to help you.

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