Ceramic Pro Home

Ceramic Pro Home is the latest technology developed by NanoShine for the ultimate hydrophobic effect.

Benefits of

Ceramic Pro Home

Ceramic Pro Home is an innovative protection system that will change your perception of familiar objects in your household.

These high-tech products are applied on various surfaces and prevent the adhesion of liquids, enhance shine and intensify colors as well as provide resistance to solvents, acids, alkali, UV rays and corrosion.

Product Advantages

  •  Super Hydrophobic
  • Extreme Gloss
  • Unprecedented Self-Leveling
  • Protection from Corrosion
  • Extended Lifespan
  • Thermal Resistance
  • Effortless Maintenance

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Ceramic Pro is the world's first truly permanent solution for automotive paint protection and is quickly becoming the industry standard for protecting automotive surfaces. At SunStoppers we only offer the best and ensure that each job is preformed by highly qualified and trained experts with extensive experience.

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection is provided by Tim at
(704) 821-6994. Please call to discuss your needs!