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Help protect your vehicle’s paint finish from harsh conditions that mar it. Stones, sand, road debris and bug acids eat away at one of your biggest investments. Paint Protection Film from XPEL helps you protect your finish like no other. In the Lake Norman area call Rob Ruska at (704) 231-8468 and for our Uptown Charlotte location call Gordon Stegall at (704) 930-8398

XPEL Paint Protection Products protect the leading edge of your vehicle from damage caused by rocks, gravel, salt or insects through the application of a thin and virtually invisible urethane paint protection film. ….Learn More

XPEL Products

Product Overview


A virtually invisible urethane film. It protects your vehicle’s paint from unsightly damage and maximizes re-sale value. Some of its features include Self Healing, Stain Resistance and Superior Optical Clarity.


Finally, a paint protection film that brings true protection to satin paint wraps. Made from a satin finish version of the same proven clear polyurethane as our XPEL ULTIMATE™ film.


An affordable temporary protection solution that provides road abrasion coverage. Install it yourself in less than 45 minutes and remove it in less than 5.


Designed for minimal visual impact, XPEL XTREME™ delivers an industry-leading level of optical clarity. The lack of texture ensures the protective film is practically invisible.


With 13 mils (.013″) of protection, this paint protection product is built for off-road, commercial and industrial vehicles. It withstands the worst of punishment.

The garage door opens.

In front of you is your pride and joy. An automotive work of art. It’s new and clean, and there isn’t a mark on it.

Sure, you’re going to take good care of it. You vow to wash and wax it religiously. You’ll park far away from others to prevent door dings. You’ll keep your distance from gravel trucks on the highway. You’ll do your best not to brush up against the curb, and of course you’ll drive slowly over speed bumps. But no amount of careful driving (or careful parking) can protect your car from the one thing guaranteed to cause damage every single day.

Stones and other road debris propelled by the vehicles in front of you, as well as bug splatter and bird droppings, inflict damage to the painted surfaces of your car on a daily basis. It will never be factory perfect again.

You could buy touch-up paint and try to fix the damage as it happens, but you’ll never get back to the flawless original paint you had when you left the showroom. You could have the damaged area professionally repainted, but besides not being original anymore, it’s expensive and the onslaught of damage will simply resume as soon as the car is back on the road.

Luckily, technology has provided an elegant, cutting-edge solution.

XPEL paint protection film works as an invisible layer of armor over your car’s finish. Our crystal-clear, energy-absorbent polyurethane film is computer cut from a database of precision templates specific to your car, and then safely bonded to the vulnerable painted surfaces offering up to ten years of guaranteed protection. XPEL is 100% safely removable on factory paint, and provides all of the protection you need with none of the peeling, cracking, yellowing, and blistering that can happen with other less-advanced films on the market.

Drive your car with confidence!


Conventional paint protection films can show scars and yellowing after a single year of use—especially in the real world, where most of us drive every day.

XPEL ULTIMATE isn’t a conventional paint protection film.


Constructed from a combination of advanced elastomeric polymers, XPEL ULTIMATE’s special clear coat not only prevents the film from discoloring due to contamination and ultra-violet radiation, but also heals itself from swirl marks and light scratches that can occur through ordinary washing and drying or daily driving.

Contaminants like bug splatter, bird droppings, sap and road tar wipe off XPEL ULTIMATE’s super-slick surface with a cloth, while scuffs and light scratches in the surface of the film disappear within minutes in the heat of the sun or the warmth of your garage—leaving your car pristine and the protective film like new.

And this level of protection comes without compromise. The mirror smooth finish of XPEL ULTIMATE ensures that no unwanted texture, commonly referred to as “orange-peel,” is added to the appearance of your car, leaving the protected surface indistinguishable from the factory paint. Professional installation by one of our network of factory trained installers ensures exact alignment around surface features such as air inlets, parking sensors, headlamp washers and other design elements, while the film along the perimeter of each panel is wrapped around the edges for a truly invisible barrier against the hazards awaiting you on the road.

Even the film’s adhesive is superior. The enhanced workability of XPEL’s adhesive allows the film to be contoured around the most complex surfaces without distortion—which means you show off a perfect finish, not seams, wrinkles, and ripples. XPEL ULTIMATE also comes with a full 10-year warranty against yellowing, discoloration, peeling, cracking and hazing. If it fails, we’ll replace it—labor included

You drive one of the finest cars in the world. Protect it with finest paint protection film available on the market.


Let’s be honest, you chose a matte finish paint job to be different. Now protect that decision with XPEL STEALTH


Built with the same elite self-healing and protective features as our XPEL ULTIMATE film, XPEL STEALTH comes in a satin finish that preserves matte paint in its showroom condition. Matte finishes are notoriously difficult to maintain and even harder to repair—even something as simple as touching up a rock chip. XPEL STEALTH not only prevents damage from road debris and bug acids but enables you to easily wash and dry your car without fear of changing the luster of the finish.Keep it standing out for the right reasons with paint protection designed specifically for the job — XPEL STEALTH.

Matching the sheen of most factory matte paints, XPEL STEALTH disappears once applied, making it a perfect choice for transitioning between vulnerable areas on the front of the car to unprotected top surfaces. And just like XPEL ULTIMATE, swirl marks and light scratches disappear in a matter of minutes in the sun or the warmth of your garage.

Looking for a reversible way to change your car’s appearance—and protect it at the same time? XPEL STEALTH can transform glossy paint into a sleek satin finish, for thousands less than a custom paint shop would charge for a high-end matte finish. Drop your car off with one of our authorized installers and come out with what looks like a completely different car in a fraction of the time.


Click here to see your vehicle’s color wrapped in XPEL STEALTH


XPEL Tracwrap

Sometimes a temporary problem requires a mission-specific solution.

With XPEL’s TRACWRAP temporary protection film, you get a professional-quality barrier from rock chips, road debris, and bug splatter in an affordable, easy-to-install package.

Whether you’re protecting a vintage race car during a track weekend or just taking a road trip, TRACWRAP offers elite protection that goes on in less than 45 minutes from a convenient, easy-to-carry roll. TRACWRAP comes in a variety of sizes to suit virtually any application—from a classic Ferrari to a Jeep tow vehicle to a vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycle—and it costs less than you’d spend repairing a single ding from a rock chip at your favorite body shop.

TRACWRAP is made from tough 8mil (0.008”) urethane film—a substantial barrier that offers far more protection than masking tape or messy-to-apply spray-on products. XPEL’s air-channel adhesive lets anyone install TRACWRAP with no special tools or chemicals, and do it in real-world conditions in a parking lot, track paddock, or garage. The days of ruining a vehicle’s classic lines with clumps of blue painter’s tape—or, worst of all, going without any protection at all—are over.

And when you’re finished with it, TRACWRAP peels easily off in less than five minutes with no hassle, no mess, and no sticky residue. No temporary wrap offers TRACWRAP’s level of protection and ease of use, and it comes from the most trusted name in protective paint film—XPEL.

XPEL Xtreme

Sometimes you want nothing between you and your car’s finish.

XPEL XTREME is the closest you can get without going “naked.” XPEL’s clearest and thinnest protective film, XPEL XTREME, offers the peace of mind that comes from a protective barrier that safeguards against environmental pollutants and road debris in an invisible package.

A perfect choice for showing off the classic curves and hand-applied paint on custom and vintage cars, XPEL XTREME goes on without any of the subtle texturing or “orange peel” that can come from other, lesser paint films. You see your car the way it was meant to be seen.

Formulated without XPEL’s proprietary self-healing polymer top coat, XPEL XTREME can be configured to fit any application and budget. Bug splatter, bird droppings, and other environmental pollutants wipe right off without affecting the paint. And if the film is damaged while protecting your car from a stone strike, simply replace the damaged segment with fresh material in a matter of minutes.

We back XPEL XTREME with one of the best warranties in the business. You’re covered against yellowing, cracking, peeling or delamination for seven years. If our film fails, we’ll not only replace it, but we will cover the cost to remove the old film and put the new one on.

Show off your car with confidence.

XPEL Armor

Sleek, invisible paint protection is great for that “normal” everyday ride. But sometimes work and play takes you places a lot more rugged than “normal.”

XPEL ARMOR provides the thickest, strongest protective barrier in the XPEL lineup—perfect for commercial, industrial, and off-road vehicles. Defend against scrapes, scratches, scuffs, gravel strikes, and other hazards with protection you can see—and feel.

XPEL ARMOR’s substantial, pebbled polymer film looks and performs like spray-on bedliner, but at a fraction of the cost. XPEL ARMOR is 30 percent thicker than conventional films, and designed to resist abrasions and punctures from even the most rugged use.

Applied to kick plates, bumpers, rocker panels, tailgate areas or other high-wear locations, XPEL ARMOR is designed to take a beating and still look great. It also doesn’t require any special care after installation. Dirt, grease, tar and other contaminants hose right off.

Looking for something to enhance an “experienced” vehicle that already has some road rash or other paint damage? XPEL ARMOR covers those areas and provides both protection from new damage and a unified look with the surrounding undamaged areas.

And even though XPEL ARMOR will be going with you into the toughest conditions, you’re still covered by the one of the best warranties in the business—seven years against cracking, peeling, or discoloration.

It’s time to get dirty.

Sun Stoppers is an authorized XPEL dealer & installer and we use XPEL Paint Protection Film exclusively. XPEL Paint Protection Film gives you peace of mind. That’s because it has one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get, and with its transparent look, it is the CLEAR film to use instead of car bras and shields.

XPEL Paint Protection Film maintains the beauty and integrity of automotive finishes on vulnerable exterior surfaces such as leading hood edges, fender end caps and rocker panels. This rugged, urethane film helps protect against stone chips, bug damage, abrasion and weathering. XPEL Paint Protection Film is transparent and nearly invisible, and it does not alter vehicle appearance.

Why do I need XPEL™ Paint Protection Film?

  • This virtually invisible film helps keep your paint looking great
  • Significantly reduces paint chips and bug damage
  • Keeps vehicles looking better longer and helps boost your trade-in value

Sun Stoppers Paint Protection Locations

Lake Norman: Call Rob Ruska at (704) 231-8468
Uptown Charlotte: Call Gordon Stegall at (704) 930-8398

All our paint protection installers are Xpel certified. 

TruCut™ offers breakthrough technology for paint protection film pattern creation and cutting. Features and benefits include:

  • Quick and easy software installation
  • Powerful design tools
  • Extensive library of precise vehicle patterns
  • Efficient and cost effective platform, designed to meet the demands of the paint pr0tection film market
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